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Millie's Weird World

February 24, 2020


Millie's Weird World is a silly stealth game set in a colorful, non-sequitur environment. Take Millie, the tail-whipping, camouflaging puffball cat on an adventure back home after those foolish goats kidnap her to a Cat Lab for some doggone reason. Whip your tail at stuff, sneak past weaponized cameras, and escape from those darn goats in this casual take on the stealth genre.


  • 30 bite-sized levels across six totally different environments
  • Tail-whip like a crazy person!
  • Sneak past your enemies with cat camouflage!
  • A pretty neat soundtrack.
  • Totally family-friendly! (I promise)


WASD / Arrows: Move

J / Z: Tail-Whip

K / X: Vanish

P: Pause


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